A Good Daily Night Routine

According to the National Sleep Foundation adults should ideally get quality sleep of 7-9 hours each day.

While the number of hours is indeed important, it’s the quality of the sleep that matters rather than the duration.

And how do you get a good night's sleep every single day?

While there are plenty of factors that help ensure you sleep well, your oral health and daily night routine are essential.

Here’s how you can develop a good daily night routine:

Brush your teeth using a bamboo toothbrush 

We can’t talk about a night routine without mentioning brushing your teeth, can we?

So here it is: Brush your teeth using a bamboo toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles two minutes daily before sleeping.

We recommend bamboo as an alternative to plastic toothbrushes not only because it’s eco-friendly but also because it comes with soft bristles that ensure your teeth are effectively cleaned, and gums are protected. Bamboo toothbrushes are really a win-win for everyone.  

Floss every night

There are millions of bacteria residing inside your oral cavity. No matter how much you gargle, they are bound to get trapped in the gaps of the teeth.

That’s why flossing is essential because it removes food debris and bacteria from the areas where the toothbrush can’t reach.

But that’s not all.

Daily flossing prevents the bacteria from turning into plaque, removes smelly odour from your teeth and reduces the chances of gum disease.

Opt for an ultrasonic tooth cleaner after every few days

While brushing and flossing are everyday teeth cleaning practices, it is recommended that you use an ultrasonic tooth cleaner after every 4,5 days to do teeth whitening.

Ultrasonic waves present in the cleaner remove the discolouration.

You have to wear the tray for at least 10 minutes for effective whitening.

Clean the tongue to expel the bacteria

While we do get rid of the bacteria on our teeth but forget to clean the tongue, don’t we?

But how can you clean your tongue?

By using a tongue brush.

All you need to do is stick out your tongue, locate the white debris present on the tongue and gently scrub it away by running the tongue brush from the back to the tip. It’s a true game-changer for your oral health.


And there you have it, a refreshing night routine – simple but effective.

Of course, you can make some tweaks here and there but try to stick to them so you can sleep like a baby.


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